New Pluralsight course published: Building an Enterprise Application with ASP.NET Core MVC


New Pluralsight course published: Building an Enterprise Application with…

I’m happy to announce that my 12th Pluralsight course just went live, right in the week of the Pluralsight Live event 🙂

In this course, you will explore a fully-working web application and you will learn how you can scale it up from its current, rather basic state to a state-of-the-art, enterprise application. You will learn how you can add and manage users and roles and improve on the site’s security. You’ll see how the new additions to the ASP.NET Core MVC platform such as tag helpers and view components can be put to real use. A robust enterprise application also requires that we have a decent amount of unit tests ready, this course will show you how you can write tests for the different layers within the application. Finally, you’ll learn how you can improve the developer experience using diagnostics and automated deployments to Azure.
After watching this course, you’ll be ready to create real-world enterprise applications with ASP.NET Core MVC.

Want to learn how a real enterprise application is build using the latest and greatest of ASP.NET Core? Head over to the course page on Pluralsight and start watching! (Note, it’s a 7 hour course, so take your time to go through all the material!)



  • Benoit

    Hello Gill, I like your Pluralsight course very much but I would suggest to give more attention to the setup part. It sounds likes it is very easy to setup a working environment with Visual studio, but that is not true. The .csproj files and the versioning of dependencies should be explained in detail. I can’t get my database tables created (dotnet ef…), and run the very first demo. I’m struggling to understand what dependencies and versions should be setup in BethanysPieShop.csproj. This results in a frustrating experience where you are feeling like it takes several hours before you can just run demo 1.. Could you occasionaly publish an updated project.csproj with current versions ? Apart from this lack of setup explanations, I like your tutorials very much, thanks.

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