Pluralsight courses

Pluralsight courses

Gill Cleeren, our trainer, is a Pluralsight author. We have created courses on Xamarin, ASP.NET Core, WPF, Windows 8, HTML5, WPF and soft skills. Here’s an overview of the courses we have created:

Building an Enterprise application with ASP.NET Core MVC

(Intermediate – released 19 September 2017)

In this intermediate ASP.NET Core MVC course, you’ll learn what it takes to build an enterprise application with ASP.NET Core MVC. You’ll learn about logging, security, performance tuning, automating deploys to Azure and much more.

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 Building Your First ASP.NET Core Web Application

(Beginner – released 28 January 2017)

In this hands-on course, you’ll build your first fully-working MVC web application using the new ASP.NET Core MVC framework. You’ll start from the blank project and finish with a site running in Azure.

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Building an MVVM-based Architecture for Xamarin Mobile Apps

(Beginner – released 29 August 2016)

Xamarin is very popular for building iOS and Android apps using .NET. In this course, you’ll learn how to build a reusable and maintainable architecture for Xamarin mobile apps based on the MVVM pattern and code sharing.

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Building Your First Xamarin.Android App from Start to Store

(Beginner – released 7 March 2016)

In this course, you’ll learn how to build a complete, fully-working Xamarin.Android app using C#. Xamarin.Android is covered in a very practical, hands-on way that you can follow along.

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Building Your First Xamarin.iOS App from Start to Store

(Beginner – released 12 December 2016)

In this course, you’ll learn how to build a complete, fully-working Xamarin.iOS app using C#. Xamarin.iOS is covered in a very practical, hands-on way that you can follow along.

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Practical MVVM

(Beginner – released 17 July 2015)

You have learned XAML development, but now you want to build maintainable and testable applications. Then the MVVM pattern is your best friend! In this Practical MVVM course, you will learn by doing. You’ll start with an explanation of the MVVM pattern and then together with the instructor you’ll convert an existing, non-MVVM application to use the MVVM pattern. At the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of the pattern and how to apply it practically in all your XAML-based application development. This course uses WPF but you can apply the material in just any XAML technology.

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Practical HTML 5

(Beginner – released 24 Feb 2015)

HTML5 has been around now for some time. But how do you get your head around all that comes with it? The answer is by doing. In this Practical HTML5 course, you can do exactly that by building a site from scratch, adding new HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript features. The end result is a deeper understanding of how the various building blocks work together, and you’ll have a working site as well!

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Starting and Running a Successful User Group

(Beginner – released 21 July 2014)

User groups are a way to allow people to connect with peers. Running a successful user group is a lot of work and requires some management skills. Let this course be your manual for creating and running your user group successfully.

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Windows 8.1: New Features for C#/XAML Developers

(Beginner – released 27 Feb 2014)

Get to know all the new features added by Microsoft in Windows 8.1. Developers will have many more options to create compelling experiences with the much-extended API.

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Building A Real-World Windows 8 Application Architecture Using MVVM

(Intermediate – released 24 Sep 2013)

Learn how to build a testable and maintainable code base for your Windows 8 applications using proven technologies such as MVVM. This course builds a fully-working application for Windows 8 using a solid architecture based on MVVM. After following this course, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to set up a project for Windows 8.

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Contracts and Extensions in Windows 8

(Beginner – released 19 Apri 2013)

Working with contracts such as Search and Share and some less common extensions such as AutoPlay.

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Windows 8 Background Processing and Lifecycle Management

(Intermediate – released 28 Dec 201)

Creating background tasks and handling state management in Windows 8 Store apps

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